Presence of Light

I am the earth. I am the ocean. I am the seed.
I am a part of the Earth.

FYLGDU MÉR is Icelandic for "follow me". The word represents our efforts in pursuing the future the Earth hopes for together with you through the food and service we provide bearing a variety of natural power.

4.6 billion years ago, the Earth was born and has been nurturing the ground, water, and greenery ever since. Beautiful nature is clear evidence of the planet Earth keeping its healthy circulation as one big living organism. However, various chains of life have been broken in many places around the world. We flew over to Iceland where the primitive landscape had been preserved until the Middle Ages in order to search for a reason why we need to protect the circulation. There, we were led to encounter the memory of the Earth that extends back to thousands of years.

The land where energy keeps upwelling from the ground tells us strongly the Earth is alive. The soil remains healthy, the water is crystal-clear, plants that are suitable for its land and climate are growing, and people who speak a language that is strongly affected by the ancient culture live as they protect the Mother Earth.

For maintaining our reasonable relationship with the Earth, we decided to receive blessings of nature from the people who has preserve the land, and turn them into tangible forms: Indigenous fruits and vegetables are turned into pressed juices, and clay that are rich in minerals are turned into items for healing our body and mind. Such blessings of nature from the healthy earth made us realize that we are also kept alive by the earth.

Subtle but credible light shining from the people who preserve the earth is our hope.
We indicate the presence of such light by the longitude and latitude of their location and turn such people's belief that are often forgotten, into items of every day use.

You are the earth. You are the ocean. You are the seed.
Come on, and follow me.
Let's start a journey, to the future that we desire to pass on.
Live as a part of the Earth.
That is the wisdom FYLGDU MÉR is in search of.

Text: Aya Ogawa
Photography: Ariko Inaoka